Michael Danklefs Patience

Trails of the Past

This life has had plenty of ups for me, and some downs.  I have made some really good decisions, and some very poor ones.  I have learned a little something from most of them, and learned quite a lot from a few of them.  The biggest mistakes end up being some of my best lessons.  I cannot say I am proud of all of my choices, and I also know that I would not be where I am without those choices in my past.  When I haven’t trusted my gut, it has led me to those really hard lessons in life; legal, love, professional, parenting, health, and they all have meaning, and all have made a life-long impact on me and the people I care about.

My Present Path

All of those choices, the good, the bad, the extremely and unfortunately ugly, have put me on a path to serve others. These are the lessons I teach from, so that others can learn from the hard lessons I did, without the collateral damage that comes along with doing it the hard way.

With my experience as a programmer, it was about finding a solution with the tools that are at hand, or learning another tool to accomplish the goals laid out in front of me.  For a long time those tools for me were logic and intellect and now it is transitioning into intuition and compassion.  I feel the world needs a balance and trust of both.


The LifeBook process has helped me to really define what my life is about, where I am going, and how I am going to get there

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Mindvalley is an online educational platform for the personal development tools and community to support you in expansive growth.

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Mentor Discover Inspire

Being part of a men’s team was transformational and helped me discover who the man is I was meant to be and lit a fire in me to become that.

Practice leadership

Michael Danklefs Arethusa Falls

Trail for the Future

I still love to serve in a way that has technology involved.  The wheel and fire are also technology, as is meditation, visualization, and 4DX.  Exploring and recognizing which tools are right for the situation is what I have a knack for.  I enjoy serving others to find the right technology for the present goals.  Having a hammer is a great tool, but knowing where to tap is priceless.



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