Michael Danklefs

I need to be famous, then successful?

I recently started to read “The Business Book of Coaching” by Ajit Niwalka and Neeta Bhushan, and I had some key takeaways I wanted to write about. The first ones are on the Assumptions that many coaches come across, and how there is less to no truth in them than we realize. I think that many of these apply to more than coaching, but in other professions as well.  Let’s start with the idea that you have to be famous first, before you can be successful.

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Veggies with EYB Podcast

Authentic Health Talk with Suzanne

We had the chance to interview Suzanne Buchanan from Karat Internatural and Karat Communications. She is an expert in communications that helps businesses with their image in the community and is creating a business around health and nutrition to help people with chronic diseases. Knowing this area well is necessary as she has a rare chronic blood disease herself.

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