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Elevate Your Beliefs – February 2022

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How do our Beliefs shape our ability to lead, succeed, and just get stuff done? Join us for THE realest personal growth conversation online!

About this event

When is the last time you evaluated your beliefs?

Did anyone ever think to tell you that you can choose what you believe?

We love this topic because this is powerful stuff, it’s life changing!

We hope you’ll join us for an hour of the realest conversation on personal growth and developent you’ll find online!

We’ll share what we’ve learned, and how to apply it to fuel your personal growth and success journey!

Who is talking about beliefs?

This month we’re also joined by one of our favorite partners, Devan Bailey from Shaping Reality!

Michael and Suzanne don’t hold back, nor do any of our guest speakers we feature!

I don’t know anywhere you’ll find a conversation as real as this and as always we have a live conversation with our community that joins us on Zoom!

Register for the event today: Elevate Your Gifts by Elevation Mindset



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