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Habits for Resolutions

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What habits do you need to create to keep those resolutions going?  Now that 2021 has gotten off to a start, and we have made resolutions on how we are going to be, a new vision for our life, what helps us create that?

Elevated Mindset is doing another pair of summits to bring people with ideas and solutions to help begin and keep the habits to create the vision you have for your life.

The event will be on two dates.  Please click which one you are available for:

Tuesday February 2nd at 7PM EST

Saturday February 6th at 11AM EST

Suzanne Buchanan will be addressing ideas about our habits from her lifelong need for them to keep her health and safe.

Cesar Espino will be looking at the power of habits from his perspective as a successful author of the “You can overcome anything” series

Jim Hendrix  has a perspective from an engineering and psychology background, and working with brain scan result interpretation and how it is impacted by different habits.




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