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There is a documentary on VSauce on YouTube that talks about divergent minds. It is an amazing documentary that shows how minds that work differently than usual might reveal information about the way all our minds work. This helps us better understand our habits. There they talk about some sort of protective system we all have in our mind that keeps lots of information that is being received by us out of our consciousness.

One of the greatest truths we have learned about life is how our conscious mind is focused on pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. All other activities are taken by our subconscious mind. When communication between the subconscious and conscious mind is required, the former sends signs. Those signs might be diverse. They can be dreams, feelings, or the voice of our intuition. It is our collective being communicating what it needs to the conscious self.

Learning how our conscious self can talk with the subconscious is one of the greatest skills we can develop. It allows us to access what we call the human superpowers of consciousness, mindfulness, and transcendence on a whole new level. It means we can program ourselves. Habits are one of the key tools in life for this. The victim mindset might lead us to believe that we are hostages of our habits, bound to do whatever they dictate and being at the whim of the current. This mindset can be developed as we move through the levels of consciousness.

Let’s talk about how we can consciously use this powerful tool to shape our future and manifest our life vision into reality.

The Habit Loop

There is a book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. It is a fairly known book, as it hit some prolific bestsellers lists. In our opinion, this book is essential to all human beings that wish to develop the powers we have to manifest reality.

We always remember on the Elevate Your Best Podcast how understanding is power. In order to dismantle a car and put it together again, some advanced understanding of the systems in the car is required if we plan on it working again. Even so, we go through life mostly reacting to things, and suffering the consequences of these decisions. We give this the name of drifting into fear.

Drifting is a perfect word to describe this frequency some of us are manifesting in life. This can feel like being taken by the currents, hitting challenges, and having our course decided by random forces and entities in our way. We say that this happens into fear, because of the focus in our subconscious mind to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. Most in our society are mainly in a frequency of fear, experiencing life afraid of ideas in their minds that keep them in a state of quiet desperation.

Cues leading to rewards

Understanding the Habit loop allows us to take a closer look at these behaviors we are manifesting and change them. It is simple. All habits are triggered by a cue, which leads us into starting a routine that is associated with a certain reward.

habit loop

The key here is understanding that if we are on a lower level of consciousness, feeling like a victim throughout life and believing that things happen to us, not for us, most of our behavior is an unconscious habit.

There is an AI robot that gives interviews on YouTube. Her name is Sophia. Here is a nice conversation she has with Tony Robbins for you to see. I’ll share why this information is relevant in a moment.

Once Sophia was questioned on what most surprised her in her experience with humans. She mentioned being impressed by how much we live in repeating loops without noticing. The information we wish to convey to you is on how understanding these loops can take us to a position of power where we can change them.

Being Aware Of Your Triggers

Habits are hard to get rid of. The secret to changing them is working on the routine. Using the same cues and rewards, changing routines so they can better serve us.

Another great secret that can take us to a new level on this is changing our environment. If triggers are not present, habits are not fired up. If we favor the triggers we wish to follow, nurturing healthier habits will be easier.

To improve on that, we can even add or reduce friction in order to make the routines on the habits we don’t wish to manifest more difficult to engage. By adding friction to them, while we work on reducing the friction on the routines of the habits we wish to nurture, we make this process easier and more successful.

Taking the time to notice the moments we are manifesting behaviors we wish to avoid can be powerful. As we deconstruct them, we start to notice the cues that trigger then. Then we can start on adding friction to it, making this routine hard and unpleasant. Sometimes it is about putting something in a place that is hard to reach, so the routine is a little more difficult. Other times we can turn off the notifications of our phone, and eliminate the cues all together.

We Manifest What is Familiar

After all this it is important to understand that we tend to manifest what is familiar to us. That’s why we like to remember the law of resonance. We attract what we feel familiar with and identify with. Many of the major influences in our time like Jim Rhône and Tony Robbins mention the importance of the people we have close to us.

You are the average of the five people you spend most time with. – Jim Rhon

Considering the importance our subconscious mind gives to the behavior we see around us, it reads them as necessary behavior to its survival. If our peers are doing it, it must be good. Me model what we see.

So to share a last tip on how to better understand and change our habits, we can take a closer look at the people who are closest to us. This will help us see how their behavior is influencing ours, and who we wish to keep closer or maintain at a healthier distance. Unfortunately, some of the people we love might be triggering us into detrimental behavior to us.

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