PBN KC Armstrong interview – Healing and Growth

I had an interview recently on the Podcast Business News Network where I spoke for 25 minutes with KC Armstrong about gifts, focus, and mindset.

podcast business news network interview

Listen in: Michael’s interview on the Podcast Business News Network (Tune-in Radio) Or you can listen in on Stitcher 

I consider myself someone who has transformed my life over time.  I hope to help others transforms theirs as well.  Being a catalyst for that transformation makes me light up. I really enjoy helping someone get to that ah hah moment.  This is when things make sense in a different way.

I wish I listened more in my 30s so that I could find those ah hah moments.  With the right people around me, and me being open, would have made a difference.  Instead I chose to learn the lessons a harder way.  Shifting gears in profession, relationships, approach to life, health, all seem to work better when doing it with the help and support of others.  That’s who I want to be with others and have had success in.

I think the interview above shows that and how I feel it, practice it, and do it.

For some other interviews I have done on my views, check out the one I did with the Crushing Your Fear Podcast or the one I did about COVID-19 with Michael Potorti at the early part of the pandemic.

Where do you need to heal and what are you doing about it?

What is your gift, and are you practicing it?


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