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People’s Unique Gifts And Best Kept Secret By Elevation Mindset

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It’s the time for gifts for most people, right?

Have you stopped to think about your gifts?  I am talking about the strengths, gifts, skills, and talents that is your combination unique to you.  Your experience will serve to help change at least one persons life for the better.  When was the last time you looked at this?

Elevation Mindset

Each month, Michael Danklefs and Suzanne Buchanan bring together speakers and a question.  We are seeking to elevate the mindset of people on planet earth.  In the past, we discussed Vision, Boundaries, Flow, and Gratitude to name a few.  Having deep conversations, with people who have been through their barriers, is what we do.  We are looking to share that wisdom with others.  These are people that will share authentically where they struggled, and how they overcame.

December 2021 – Elevate Your Gifts

This December, Elevation Mindset is talking about Gifts.  Our approach to this is by asking some very gifted people so deep questions.  They will share how in their business and personal lives they discovered, cultivated, and used their gifts to impact the world.  We will also get into how they struggled with them too.

Join us for the conversation



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