I live to support people to strive for the best versions of their life


Life coaching is a way for me to work with you to define, refine, and accomplish specific goals in your life.  This is done through powerful questions, insight, and strategies to help you delve into your past to re-frame, redefine, or release programming that no longer serves you.  This allows you to grow into living as a greater version of yourself.

The length of our work will depend on what aspect of your life you want to take to the next level, and what we decide is the best path to take to accomplish your goals.  I'd prefer to work with you on a longer basis to see the growth, and support you powerfully on a regular basis.  This is why I have sought and worked with a life coach for my own journey.

Single range
4 Life Coaching sessions

4 Life Coaching sessions, focusing on the progress being made in a single category of your life, such as Health/Fitness, Family life, Love relationship, Career, or Finances.

Regular check ins via phone or text around the weekly commitments

Uncanoonuc Program
12 weeks of coaching

Structured program that has the opportunity to focus on 2 peaks in your life.

Regular check ins via phone or text around the weekly commitments

Assessment, and other visuals for working with during coaching program

The 4,000 footers
50 Life Coaching Sessions

Partnering to refine a quarterly list of goals to accomplish

A monthly review to decide the category to focus on for 30 days

Weekly face-to-face meetings, either in-person or using Skype, WhatsApp, or Hangouts

Daily check-in on progress towards accomplishing the weekly goals