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Sliding back to the comfortable

What is the comfortable part of your life?  For me it has long been being the ‘big guy’ in the room.  At 6’5” that isn’t too hard to do.  I don’t mind the ‘can you reach that’ request at all.  The tough part is that I am the type to fold the chair the wrong way by sitting on it.  So the comfort I keep coming back to is mindless eating, the idea that I need to have food to snack on to be productive, and finishing what is on my plate, regardless of what is on it. That has been the norm for me for a long time.  This is where I have been adjusting and playing lately.

cut zucchini

I do get activity into my day.  An 11 mile bike ride here, a 3 mile brisk walk around the neighborhood, or sweating to the dirty deed of shoveling soil around the yard.  I know that is only part of what my weight is about.  There is part of me that is fully aware of the equation of calories in / calories out.  Another part of me understands from going through the WildFit program about the biochemical reaction of certain food on the body’s retention and resistance to releasing weight.  There is more to hunger than lack of nutrition, according to Eric Edmeades.

Easy foods; to get, prepare, and eat seems to be the norm for the Standard American Diet.  I can be lazy, and sometimes fall back into what is ‘easy’.  But I know I won’t feel as good tomorrow.  I’ll have parts of my body that will rebel next week.  I have to weigh that out before succumbing to that pizza, beer, and a cookie for dessert.  Is my health worth the spark of emotional enjoyment of the memory of a different time?  I am choosing to make that the exception, rather than the rule.  

Wikimedia Commons Zipline imageI want to zip line, go horseback riding, and find clothes easily at the store.  Up to this point, I wasn’t willing to pay the price to achieve those things.  It’s time to change that for myself.  Where are you sliding into comfort rather than taking steps towards a goal of yours?  What are you willing to do in order to get there?  Are you willing to pay the price to achieve it?  I am making that choice as of today to not slide into mediocrity, but instead raise my standards.  What are you going to do?

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