Purpose is a big subject to approach. It might be common for people to seek it, yet it is too much of an abstract concept for us to understand without having experience with it. People that are more familiar with it might say that “we don’t choose our purpose, it chooses us”. In this article, we’ll discuss this idea and take a look at how exactly purpose chooses us.


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Change vs Comfort

In today’s rhetoric, it is common to hear the expression comfort zone. This space is a set of actions and environments we are comfortable dealing with. We repeat these situations in order to feel safe. Outside the comfort zone lies the unknown, full of experiences we don’t know how to deal with, which triggers us to feel uncomfortable. (more…)

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How-To challenge your mindset and cultivate more creativity

It is an honor to have been invited to speak on a panel with some amazing leaders and speakers for the American Photographic Artists. I am so excited to support someone I admire and work with these amazing speakers. Inspiring this community to elevate their mindset is right up my alley, and I am looking forward to inspire them.

Tools for connecting, winning business and retaining long-term relationships with clients moderated by Darcie Adler of The Spin Style Agency.


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Life’s User Interface

Design is an area of study that includes knowledge on how to create solutions and facilitate things. In it, we learn what interfaces are. An interface is the part of a program that we interact with. These interfaces take care of the user experience and facilitating it. An interface is like a lamp switch. It is the part of the program (lights) that we interact with.


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On the Elevate Your Best Podcast #019 we talk about Journaling. A journal is a versatile artifact that can be created in different ways and benefit us in diverse manners. It is a mindfulness practice that can be nurtured as a powerful habit. Through journaling, we can also exercise transcendence and transmutation. Learning to exercise our mind’s will over reality.


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There is a documentary on VSauce on YouTube that talks about divergent minds. It is an amazing documentary that shows how minds that work differently than usual might reveal information…

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