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Virtual Summit – Elevated Mood recording

As part of the crew at Elevated, we got together and talked about elevated mood.  We had some great speakers and questions from our attendees. 

Elevated Mood

Here is what we covered:

What tools did you take away from this?  Are you already using some to elevate your mood?  In the time of quarantine, or illness, or setback, what is a list of your go to tools to change your mood for the positive and have you been using them?

Give it a watch / listen, and let us know what you came up for you!


After you have listened, who do you want to hear again?

What is your biggest takeaway?

What tools have you tried and had success with and what have not worked for you?

Are you open to new tools that come along or are you at a point where there are too many tools and you don’t know which one to use where? How do you discern which is the biggest lever to change your mood?

The other thing that comes to mind is, what is the goal mood you’d like to create more often in your life? Do you know the recipe that will get you there? That takes quite a bit of introspection, awareness, compassion, and vulnerability because it isn’t something we are used to using. Are you ready to go there? Are you afraid to go there and are you still courageous enough to wander into that dark place?

If your journey takes you into that shadowing place, reach out, because that is where I like to play and I enjoy bringing my light into that darkness.

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